Meeple Like Us Top Ten 2017

The Meeple Like Us Top Ten Best Board Games, 2017 Edition!

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Conclusion to the Meeple Like Us Top Ten Best Board Games 2017 Edition!

Oh my, what a surprising pair of lists! Or maybe not – maybe that’s a pair of obvious lists. I’d hope not although I suspect the list Mrs Meeple put together is the one that’s actually genuinely interesting in the context of our game coverage. What do you think? Where are we mad, impetuous fools? Where are we obvious and derivative fuddy-duddies? What would be on your list that we didn’t include? What did we include that you’d expunge from the record? Let us know – we might repeat this again for 2018 if it seems like anyone is interested in our meandering thoughts.

Thank you for reading this, and for reading the site through a year when it would have made more sense to simply spend your time standing in a corner, shard of glass in one hand, screaming violent warnings at anyone that approached. We made it though – we made it through another year.

Hope you all have a good break, and let’s hope 2018 surprises us by being a year where we don’t end one day dreading the arrival of the next. Maybe good things will happen? I mean – of course they won’t. Why would anything good ever happen? But maybe!

Thanks once again. Merry happy! Merry happy everyone!

That Table in Full

Here’s the full rundown, with Amazon affiliate links to take you to each game should you be interested in picking it up.

10Once Upon a Time (1993)New York Slice (2017)
9Blood Bowl – 2016 Edition (2016)Sheriff of Nottingham (2014)
8Japiur (2009)Lords of Waterdeep (2012) *
7Innovation (2010)One Night Ultimate Werewolf (2014)
6Imperial Settlers (2014)Innovation (2010)
5Five Tribes (2014)Pandemic Legacy (2015)
4Suburbia (2012)Concordia (2013)
3Lords of Waterdeep (2012) * Century Spice Road (2017)
2Concordia (2013)Splendor (2014)
1Scrabble (1948)Jaipur (2009)

* But only if you are also using the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion. Otherwise it probably wouldn’t be on here.

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