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The Scotlight – Shining a Light on the Scottish Tabletop Gaming Scene


There is a lot of great stuff happening in the Scottish gaming scene. Being a blog originating and based in Scotland, we’d like to do our best to support it. The Scotlight is how we’re going to to do that! If you’re currently located in Scotland or are from Scotland then we’re interested in highlighting your work. I just want to know if you have a connection to Scotland that would make it useful for us to know about. The remit of our site is tabletop gaming – we have a heavy focus on modern designer board games but we’re willing to support anything that could be considered tabletop gaming. Get in touch with us at if you want added to the index here, or indeed if you want removed. Put the word SCOTLIGHT in the subject line so we know not to ignore it like we do so many emails.

What is the Scotlight?

This page has links to various people and organisations active around Scotland in the area of board gaming, role playing games, and war games. Maybe they run blogs, maybe they’re publishers, designers, or retailers. Maybe they run a local gaming club or are just worth following on twitter. The Scotlight unlikely to ever be fully comprehensive – consider this constantly as a work in progress. I will be eternally grateful to those that help us build up the index to be as complete as it can be.

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For those game designers working that would fall under the remit of the Scotlight, you can also consider yourself to have access to a greatly relaxed version of our review policy. While we still can’t review prototypes, or even really games that haven’t reached their final evolved and published form, we are prepared to consider them for review post publication regardless of whether they are in the BGG Top 500. If you want to send us a preview copy ahead of a Kickstarter or release, we’re prepared to do a first impressions post to provide a little bit of extra coverage of the game prior to launch. Send us a message on Twitter and we’ll also retweet any information about your campaign. We’ll also keep an eye on the #Scotlight hashtag on twitter and retweet stuff from that.

If you want to direct people to this resource, perhaps to show your own support for the Scottish tabletop scene, here’s a badge you can use to link to this Scotlight page:

Scotlight Badge

It’s our intention here to try to support the Scottish national scene as best we can. Please let us know if there’s anything we could be doing and we’ll certainly consider whether its possible!

Scotlight Major Upcoming Events

Tabletop Scotland 2019

On the weekend of the 24th of August, 2019, the second Tabletop Scotland event will be held in Perth! We’ll be there, and hopefully we’ll see some of you there too.

Scotlight People and Places

If you wanted added to this page, all you need to do is drop us a mail, telling us whatever combination of information is appropriate – website, twitter, facebook and/or location. All parts are optional, but of course we’d need at least one thing or all we’re doing is making a creepy list of people in Scotland. The only criteria really is that you are either in Scotland or from Scoland and have an ongoing interest in tabletop gaming.

The Scotlight

NameTypeLocationSocial Media
Aberdeen Wargames ClubGaming GroupAberdeen
ABZ GamesStoreAberdeen
Ahoy ComicsStoreDundee
AJ Games ClubGaming GroupFife
Alternative ArmiesDesignerSouth Ayrshire
Andy HepworthArtist
Annan Gaming ClubGaming GroupDumfries & Galloway
Antonine BoardgamersGaming GroupEast Dumbartonshire
Arcane Forge, theMedia
Asylum Books and GamesStoreAberdeen
Bad Cat GamesDesignerClackmannanshire
Battle Boar GamesDesignerDundee
Beards and Board GamesMedia
Ben EddingsMediaArgyll and Bute
Big Dog BooksStorePerth & Kinross
Bill HeronDesignerEdinburgh
Black Lion GamesStoreEdinburgh
Bus Stop Toy ShopStoreNorth Ayrshire
Caledonian Deathwatch RadioMedia
Cardboard and CoffeeDesigner
Chris BrindEnthusiast
Common Ground GamesStoreStirling
Counter CultureMedia
David WrightConvention Organiser
Dice Roll CafeBoard Game CafeGlasgow
Dumbarton Wargames ClubGaming GroupWest Dumbartonshire
Dumfries @ Galloway Gaming ClubGaming GroupDumfries & Galloway
Dundee Wargames ClubGaming GroupDundee
DWARF TabletopGaming GroupFife
East Neuk TabletopGaming GroupFife
Edinburgh Game HubBoard Game CafeEdinburgh
Edinburgh GamersOnline CommunityEdinburgh
Edinburgh League of GamesGaming GroupEdinburgh
Ellerium GamesStoreHighland
Falkirk District Wargames ClubGaming GroupFalkirk
First Player TokenMediaEdinburgh
Forbidden Planet - AberdeenStoreAberdeen
Forest Dragon, theDesigner
Forth MagicGaming GroupFife
Fragor GamesDesigner
Games Hub EdinburghBoard Game CafeEdinburgh
Games Workshop - AberdeenStoreAberdeen
Games Workshop - AyrStoreSouth Ayrshire
Games Workshop - DundeeStoreDundee
Games Workshop - EdinburghStoreEdinburgh
Games Workshop - GlasgowStoreGlasgow
Games Workshop - InvernessStoreHighland
Games Workshop - PerthStorePerth & Kinross
Games Workshop - StirlingStoreStirling
Gaming LarkMedia
Geek RetreatStoreGlasgow
Giant BrainMediaMidlothian
Glasgow and District Wargaming SocietyGaming GroupGlasgow
Glasgow Games FestivalConventionGlasgow
Glasgow Games GatheringConventionGlasgow
Glasgow Games GroupGaming GroupGlasgow
Glasgow TabletopConventionGlasgow
Granite City GamersGaming GroupAberdeen
Greg BarrEnthusiast
Greg FosterEnthusiast
Highlander GamesStoreDundee
Inspiring GamesDesigner
Inverness Tabletop Gaming CommunityGaming GroupHighland
James TurnerEnthusiast
John HarperEnthusiast
Jon HodgsonArtist
Joy Stuck in the PastMediaDundee
Joyride GamesDesignerDundee
Kintore Tabletop Gaming ClubGaming GroupAberdeenshire
Kirkcaldy Meeple ClubGaming GroupFife
Kirriemuir Wargames ClubGaming GroupAngus
Knightly GamingStoreSouth Lanarkshire
Knights of TrinityGaming GroupAberdeen
Kraken GamesGame ShopAlexandria
Lanarkshire GamersGaming GroupNorth Lanarkshire
Leith Board Games NightGaming GroupEdinburgh
Light Board GamesGaming GroupAberdeen
Lucky Sparrow Games CafeBoard Game CafeGlasgow
Lundin Board GamesGaming GroupFife
Meeple Like UsMediaAngus
Meeples AnonymousMedia
Michael RossEnthusiast
Moray Game JamConventionMoray
Mox in the HoleStoreEdinburgh
Nerd TherapyMedia
Nightfall GamesDesignerGlasgow
North Ayrshire Wargames ClubGaming GroupNorth Ayrshire
Oldmeldrum Wargames GroupGaming GroupAberdeenshire
One Free ElephantDesignerEdinburgh
ORC EdinburghGaming GroupEdinburgh
Owen DuffyMedia
Penance RPGPodcastGlasgow
Plan 9StoreAberdeen
Red Dice GamesStoreEdinburgh
RIGSGaming GroupRenfrewshire
Robert FlorenceMedia
Scotland TabletopOnline Community
SettlersStoreSouth Lanarkshire
Shire Gaming ClubGaming GroupAberdeenshire
Simon HarperEnthusiast
Simon PaultonMedia
South East Scotland Wargames ClubGaming GroupEdinburgh
Static GamesStoreGlasgow
Stuff by BezDesigner
Tabletop ScotlandConventionPerth & Kinross
Tip The Table GamesDesigner
Tracy CampbellGame DesignerGlasgow
Unboxed CafeBoard Game CafeSouth Ayrshire
Unlucky Frog, theMediaGlasgow
Unplugged GamesGaming GroupGlasgow
Unpopular MechanicsEnthusiast
Varcan Cluster, TheMedia
Waterstones Dundee Games NightGaming GroupDundee
West Calder Games ClubGaming GroupWest Lothian
West End GamesBoard Game CafeGlasgow
Wreck and RuinDesignerSouth Lanarkshire
Wrench GamesDesignerDundee
Zombie Doctor GamesDesignerEdinburgh

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