Top Ten (Twenty) Best Board Games I'd Like to Ship

Top Eleven (Twenty-Two) Best Board Games I’d Like To Ship – 2020 Edition

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Edit: Turns out I can’t count and did eleven combos rather than ten. Oops. Consider one a DVD extra. An freebie on the blooper reel.


Okay, I’m going to be the first person to admit that this a bit of a weird one. I had the thought last night while playing Wavelength with Mrs Meeple. The notion tickled me enough that I was convinced there was a top ten in it, and lo and behold -there absolutely is. Welcome to the Top Ten (Twenty) Games I’d Like to Ship.

If you’re old like me, you probably think ‘What, games you’d like to make and distribute?’. If you’re younger you’ll be aware that the term is derived from relation(ship). But yes, these are games I’d like to make and distribute, but since I don’t have time I’m hoping other people are inspired by this and do the hard work for me. But also, I’m shipping these games. I want these games to get together and make sweet love so I can enjoy playing with their babies.

God, this introduction makes this post sound horrifying. What can I do though, I typed the words. It’s not like there’s a magic way I can go back and change them before I redraft, upload, re-redraft and publish them. I guess they’ll just stand as a testament to the broken wiring in my head.

Okay, so here’s the premise. Sometimes there’s a bit of one game that you know, in your bones, would be perfectly placed inside another. Sexy. Or perhaps there’s a part of a game that you want to wrap around another. Hot. Or maybe just two boxes that you know would generate sparks if you rubbed them together while Barry White plays in the background. You know what I’m talking about. What’s the equivalent of slashfic for board games? I’m getting dangerously close to writing it here. Maybe even inventing it.

Image from BGG

Anyway, it would be super cool if someone took these ideas and actually made them in a way that resulted in something new and awesome as a result. I stress new and awesome. I’m not suggesting just taking one game and playing it with rules of the second. If any aspiring game designer is short on ideas, and want something almost guaranteed to make me smile when they send me their review copy, then this wouldn’t be a bad place to start looking. But also it would be a terrible strategy upon which to build a game design career because literally nobody listens to me so you’d go out of business pretty damn soon.

If you make any of these games you owe me royalties. This isn’t an introduction. It was an EULA all along. This is legally binding. I’ve had it checked by top men.

Top. Men.

Let’s get on with it.

Oh, we’ll call it cardcore erotica. Or hardboard erotica?

No, neither of those. That’s rubbish. I’ll get back to you.

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