Top Ten Video Games for Board Gamers

Top Ten Video Games for Board Gamers 2019

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Hey, people seem to like top ten lists. Did you know that? I guess I knew that and didn’t realise quite how much. I’m completely prepared to sell out on this topic if it’s going to lead to more people reading Meeple Like Us and being exposed to our primary mission to increase the accessibility of board games. I’m going to be typically whimsical here though – while more special features like this are coming (because they’re fun to write) I’m going to try and make them a bit… playful. No, ‘top ten eurogames’, or ‘top ten games using dice’. I’m going to use these posts to talk about things that wouldn’t otherwise be part of the normal every-day output of the blog. You want my top ten ameritrash games? Sort our list of reviews by rating and just pick the first ten you find.

In that spirit, this top ten list is ten video games that I think you’re likely to enjoy on the basis of the fact you are, presumably, a board game fan. Here I have shied away from digital ports of board games, because we’ve already done our Top Ten Board Game Apps list. There’s too much of an overlap there even if there are a number of games (Blood Bowl, for example) that I might have otherwise included. It also doesn’t include video game interpretations of Fighting Fantasy books. For that I’d recommend you check out the phenomenal Sorcery! 

Sunless Seas

No, here are games that I think feel like board games even if they aren’t. They may not feel like specific board games but they have features or design elements that I think are likely to resonate with you. Obviously this is a weird and wooly topic – just because you like board games it doesn’t mean you like them for the reason I like them. I’ll try to articulate the kind of board games that I think are evoked by these titles but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able.

I didn’t want to pick anything too obvious. Yeah, if you like board games you’ll almost certainly love the Civilization series of games. The chances are you’re already playing those. That’s not to say there aren’t big names on the list, but rather they’re there despite that unease. With the Top Ten Board Game Apps I don’t feel like there were a lot of unexpected gems on there – I don’t think it was a particularly surprising list. Here I want to try and give you some stuff you may well not have heard of.

Anyway, enough of the prevarication. Let’s get cracking!

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