Top Ten Video Games for Board Gamers

Top Ten Video Games for Board Gamers 2019

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Hey, people seem to like top ten lists. Did you know that? I guess I knew that and didn’t realise quite how much. I’m completely prepared to sell out on this topic if it’s going to lead to more people reading Meeple Like Us and being exposed to our primary mission to increase the accessibility of board games. I’m going to be typically whimsical here though – while more special features like this are coming (because they’re fun to write) I’m going to try and make them a bit… playful. No, ‘top ten eurogames’, or ‘top ten games using dice’. I’m going to use these posts to talk about things that wouldn’t otherwise be part of the normal every-day output of the blog. You want my top ten ameritrash games? Sort our list of reviews by rating and just pick the first ten you find.

In that spirit, this top ten list is ten video games that I think you’re likely to enjoy on the basis of the fact you are, presumably, a board game fan. Here I have shied away from digital ports of board games, because we’ve already done our Top Ten Board Game Apps list. There’s too much of an overlap there even if there are a number of games (Blood Bowl, for example) that I might have otherwise included. It also doesn’t include video game interpretations of Fighting Fantasy books. For that I’d recommend you check out the phenomenal Sorcery! 

Sunless Seas

No, here are games that I think feel like board games even if they aren’t. They may not feel like specific board games but they have features or design elements that I think are likely to resonate with you. Obviously this is a weird and wooly topic – just because you like board games it doesn’t mean you like them for the reason I like them. I’ll try to articulate the kind of board games that I think are evoked by these titles but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able.

I didn’t want to pick anything too obvious. Yeah, if you like board games you’ll almost certainly love the Civilization series of games. The chances are you’re already playing those. That’s not to say there aren’t big names on the list, but rather they’re there despite that unease. With the Top Ten Board Game Apps I don’t feel like there were a lot of unexpected gems on there – I don’t think it was a particularly surprising list. Here I want to try and give you some stuff you may well not have heard of.

Anyway, enough of the prevarication. Let’s get cracking!

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  5 comments for “Top Ten Video Games for Board Gamers 2019

  1. Grumblefist
    18/09/2019 at 5:32 am

    The latest release of Stellar is will gobble up your free time.
    What game can I compare it too…. Hmm…
    Twilight Imperium.
    If you want a space opera, but have no friends, no 12 hour gaps in your calendar or worst of all only a small table, that is the computer game for you.

    (Discounted) Stellaris gets better and better with every update and is definitely worth a look.

    • 18/09/2019 at 5:33 am

      I have played Stelaris a few times, but never more than a couple of hours at a time which means every single time I start it up it’s like learning the whole thing over again. Hopefully I’ll have time to do better over the summer. 🙂

  2. Matt
    18/09/2019 at 5:32 am

    Slay the Spire?

    • 18/09/2019 at 5:32 am

      Not one that I’ve actually played unfortunately, but it has been recommended as a good entry here about half a dozen times. Something to investigate for next year’s list. 😀

      Also I forgot about the Duelyst. And Guild of Dungoneering. And a few others. Hand of Fate. I’m not sure they would have placed in the end but I didn’t even think to consider them.

  3. Gizensha
    18/09/2019 at 5:32 am

    A couple (aside obvious stuff that you’ve covered other games within the same ballpark, so no ‘Theme Hospital’ or ‘Fire Emblem’ here, you covered those areas of video games well enough with Game Studio Tycoon and X-Com) I’d add to this list:

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney franchise – Since puzzles tend to appeal to the same sort of intellectual itch as Euros for me at least, this is a natural fit for me for suggesting to board gamers. Read witness testimony, find contradictions in the evidence, shout Objection!, virtually in current editions though I believe the original DS used the on board microphone, not sure if that was optional or not. Original trillogy is available on most platforms at this point, though good luck finding some of the more recent entries on any platform in English.

    Choice of… – Not played many in this IF series, but it’s basically what you’d get if The Unofficial Doctor Who Storytelling Game had more production values than a print and play can have, and a bit more authorship. Not for all board gamers, but those into that style of solo game are very well catered to by this series. I’m a bit of a sucker for Choice of The Dragon because… It’s a game based around narrative choices where you get to play as a dragon, and allows you to play as a couple of nb options, which is always cool.

    Animal Crossing – If you ever want to have the fun of building something like in a tableau builder, without having to worry about the stress of that pesky resource management. If Stardew Valley is the indie offspring of the Story of Seasons franchise, Animal Crossing is it’s more relaxed (yes, than Stardew Valley), chill, uncle. I tend to get into fossil collecting for the museum when I’ve played prior entries in the franchise, while collecting enough clothes to do a different cool outfit a day, with decorating my house more of a tertiary concern. And the villagers haven’t even insulted you since the original.

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