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Board game reviews with an accessibility focus. Persistently controversial. Unyielding.

Meeple Like Us is producing board game reviews and game accessibility analyses aimed at mapping out the game accessibility landscape. Our intention is to build up a useful resource for those players that cannot simply take a board game down from the shelf and assume it's playable. Check out our master list for progress to date. We post reviews and teardowns on alternating weeks, on a Friday. Special features are posted on the third Monday of the month. You can also find an index of all our board game reviews

Four Years and a Hiatus

Four Years and A Hiatus

This is the last non-patron post you’ll see on the site for a while, because as I indicated in our last editorial – I’m burnt the hell out on the site and I need to take some extended time to reconnect with the hobby rather than the hustle.    But today…

Parks review

Parks (2019)

Much like the national parks system itself, Parks the game is an absolute treasure.  And like the national parks system, you shouldn’t overlook it just because there are flashier forms of entertainment available.    It’s a gorgeous production with a straightforward ruleset that promises little and then over-delivers in spades.     Its…