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Board game reviews with an accessibility focus. Persistently controversial. Unyielding.

Meeple Like Us is producing board game reviews and game accessibility analyses aimed at mapping out the game accessibility landscape. Our intention is to build up a useful resource for those players that cannot simply take a board game down from the shelf and assume it's playable. Check out our master list for progress to date. We post reviews and teardowns on alternating weeks, on a Friday. Special features are posted on the third Monday of the month. You can also find an index of all our board game reviews

Spell Smashers (2018)

Some time ago now I wrote a special feature on the games I’d most love to see cross-bred in terrifying and unethical experiments.   I just wanted some evil scientist to take DNA from one, inject it into the other, and see what grotesque hell-baby emerged as a result.   One of…


Sanctum (2019)

It’s pretty clear what Sanctum is aiming for from the moment you pick up the box.  The cover doesn’t so much remind you of Blizzard’s Diablo as it does conspicuously emulate it like a con artist trying to steal your identity.  That’s not a bad thing, of course.   Good artists…

Legacy of Dragonholt review

Legacy of Dragonholt (2017)

Back in the 80s, a kind of cybertextual novel was all the rage amongst a certain grouping of literate nerds.  For someone like me, with no friends, they opened up a world of story-driven campaign roleplaying that would otherwise have remained entirely inaccessible.    Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson, Joe Dever –…