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This site is supported by our lovely Patreon backers. Is that you? Then thank you so much because you are keeping alive a site that is dedicated to making gaming more accessible for all of us!

All of our backers are awesome, but those backing at the $5+ level are especially awesome because that’s a considerable sum of money to pledge towards a site in this day and age. As a small thank you, I want to make sure your names are known to anyone that clicks on this page!

If anyone backing at the $5 or more level has a webpage they want me to link, please let me know – I’ve done what I can to find pages that belong to people but not to the point it turns me into a horrible creeper. Just drop me an email at michael@meeplelikeus.co.ukif you want something else! Or hit me up on twitter, or on Discord.

Platinum Meeples

John Philpot! Daniel Singer! David Gardner!

If I didn’t think it would be an active disincentive I would come to your houses and whisper my thanks into your ears as you slept!

I… I won’t though. I just won’t.

Gold Meeples

Michael Toal! Rebecca Strang!

When I finally catch the six fingered man who killed my father, I will tell him your names as I strike him down. ‘This vengeance’, I will whisper, ‘Is sponsored by my Patreon backers’

Silver Meeples

Oh my word there are so many of you wonderful people! For each of you I have nothing except a solemn promise to pet a dog in your honour. Or a cat, if a dog is unavailable.

Thank you so much to Adam Reineke, Velvet Dubois, Lee Birnie, Stephen, Lisa Kasani, Jennifer Burkhart, Ilan Muskat, James Naylor, Jeff Edelstein, Helen Jefferies, Sabrina Lawrie, Ben Taylor, Adrian Schmidt, Andrew, ZootDoot, Joe Pasini, Joshua Zemke, Katie Dunstone, Mark Higgs, Christopher Gebhardt, Jil Mikula, Drew Taylor, Claus Hetzer and Girls Play Games!

We’re gonna need so many dogs.

Bronze Meeples

Don’t think I don’t appreciate the hell out of each and every one of you too, but there are dozens of you. DOZENS. Too many to name, but not too many to thank profusely!