Top Ten Reasons To Cull A Game from your Collection

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We’re currently in the position of having to do some heavy-duty purging of possessions. Books, DVDs, rare art-works pilfered in daring heists across the continent – they all have to be abandoned in line with our new life situation. More on that in a later posting – it’s not the focus of this article.

Board games are not exempt, although given that Meeple Like Us needs a game library to function they’re getting through the Great Cull with the largest proportion of survivors. You may have read my account of Tabletop Scotland 2019 where I outlined what games we we sold and the prices the games achieved. Board games hold their value really well – a DVD box set that may have cost me £50 at the time is doing good trade if it would sell for 50p. A board game at a bring and buy will often go for about 50% of its current RRP and that’s a good ratio.

We currently need to cull, but it’s a good idea to regularly consider what games you could get rid of to clear clutter off the shelves or even just give yourself some spare money to refine your collection.

When I began the process I honestly wasn’t sure where to begin with it. In the end I put together a pretty comprehensive list of titles to remove and realised there were some common themes as to why they were going. I found the process of going through a cull to be very worthwhile, and I thought it would be a good post that would complement a lot of the things we’ve spoken about over the years. For example, conspicuous consumption.

In today’s special feature I’m going to give you a list of the ten reasons I used to cull my collection, and give you some examples of games that fell into each of the categories. Culling of your collection is good. Curation is a valuable activity. Maybe you’ll find this a useful way to get started!


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