Play a Game with Meeple Like Us

Play a Game with Meeple Like Us at Tabletop Scotland!

Game Details
NameChinatown (1999)
Accessibility ReportMeeple Like Us
ComplexityMedium Light [2.24]
BGG Rank356 [7.43]
Player Count (recommended)3-5 (4-5)
Designer(s)Karsten Hartwig
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Tabletop Scotland is getting Really Close and we’re doing a seminar there! You may have already seen our UKGE seminar video – this one is going to be a companion to that. More hands on, less waffle. More getting into the nuts and bolts of a game and squeezing it until it cries. Essentially we’ll be doing a live teardown of a game everyone already knows, showing the steps we go through to arrive at our conclusion. Hopefully it will be interesting to everyone, but especially useful to designers looking to see how they can find opportunities for accessibility in their own games. Here’s the UKGE seminar if you want to see how it went there:

For some reason, the convention overlords seem to think that a good prize for the convention is for people to be able to play a game with Mrs Meeple and myself on a nice Geeknson gaming table, so if you pre-book your ticket you’ll be entered into that draw! The game will almost certainly be Chinatown because a) It’s awesome (spoilers for our review), and b) It’s very awesome. It also goes from ‘I have never heard of this game’ to ‘I will cut you if you don’t make this trade with me’ quicker than any other game I can think of. If Lords of Vegas is why nobody should play Monopoly, Chinatown makes a reasonable case for why nobody should play Lords of Vegas.

If you fancy that, make sure you book a ticket!