Talking Accessibility with Brandon Rollins

Talking Game Accessibility with Brandon Rollins

Hey hey!

Just a quick post here to point you towards a new article series over at the Brandon the Game Dev blog. Before Christmas he and I chatted a bit over on his excitingly busy Discord channel and he knocked those chats up into a series of posts to be released in digestible chunks. I’d encourage you to check them out, and give his blog a read. It’s good stuff!

You may remember Brandon from his guest posts here – he first talked about five easy ways to make board game more accessible and then gave us ten quick accessibility wins for game devs. At current rates, barring someone containing him before he brings ruin to us all, he’s projected to bring us 10,485,760 accessibility wins by 2037. He must be stopped, or by 2040 we’ll all be rendered down into accessibility slurry to feed the ravenous appetite of exponential growth!

Brandon is also the developer behind War Co, which might give some insight as to why I’m worried about the future.

So long!