Top Ten (Twenty) Best Board Games I'd Like to Ship

Top Eleven (Twenty-Two) Best Board Games I’d Like To Ship – 2020 Edition

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Notes on these selections

I’m going to reiterate here something I said in the introduction. I’m not saying that you take the components of one game and bring them into the other. I’m not saying that these are games I’d like to play in mash-up form, although some of them I absolutely will. What I’m saying is that I’d love to see a new game that merges these aspects of the original. I’m not saying to play The Resistance with Skull cards. What I’m saying is ‘A new social deduction game that combines the bidding mechanism of Skull with the mission structure of The Resistance would be worth seeing’. Similarly you couldn’t just merge Potion Explosion and Viticulture. But a new game with vineyards, grapes, and a system of ageing situationally appropriate wines into lasting value would be pretty cool.

Not so much Frankenstein then as selective breeding. Like trying to create a lineage of fine race-horses.

I think every one of these games represents something potentially interesting, albeit not especially innovative. If I had time I’d paper prototype every one of them myself. In life though you need to pick your obsessions and in my case I know I don’t have capacity to make a good job of them. I spent years and years as a hobbyist game developer, first on Discworld MUD and then on Epitaph. I’ve designed and coded game systems for some of the most challenging use-cases imaginable. When I started up Meeple Like Us, that part of my life withered away.

Instead, here I’m mostly just theorycrafting some possible designs as a way to let the ideas out of my head. If someone wants to make use of them, you’re very welcome!

That List in Full

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11Merchants & Marauders and Pit Crew
10Codenames and Wavelength
9Cards Against Humanity and Telestrations
8Lords of Waterdeep and Any Game of Thrones Game
7Shifty Eyed Spies and One Night Ultimate Werewolf
6Firefly and Tales of the Arabian Nights
5Galaxy Trucker and Welcome to the Dungeon
4Scrabble and Rock, Paper, Wizard
3Biblios and Seasons
2Potion Explosion and Viticulture
1Skull and the Resistance


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