BGG Plugin

The Meeple Like Us Boardgamegeek Plugin

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will already be aware that I’ve been writing a WordPress plugin. Well, it’s reached the stage that I’m about as happy as I can be with it for the short term. I’ve had it installed on every review and teardown page on the site for a few days and nothing has gone wrong so I think it’s probably fine to ‘release’ it now – at least in alpha form. It’s being released under a CC-BY 4.0 licence, and it lets you draw in headline information about games from Boardgamegeek and style it up all nice for your own site.

You can see the documentation (such as it is) and download the plugin here.

This is the first plugin I’ve written for WordPress, and I’m delighted by how much of the tiny bureaucratic chores it has removed from the site. Much of its functionality is primarily for my benefit, but if you want access to the Boardgamegeek table (it updates over time so you don’t have to!) you might want to download it and install. If you want access to the MLU accessibility tables and radar charts, they’re available too. I’ll likely add more stuff to the plugin as time goes by, but for now I’ve spent quite enough time on writing it and the back-end API that processes and caches all the MLU and BGG data.

If you make use of it, I’d appreciate you letting me know if there are any bugs or if there are features you’d like me to include. Once I’m sure it’s completely stable and once I’ve put some documentation into the code I’ll release it on the WordPress like all the other plugins.

Hope some of you find it useful!