MLU on We're Not Wizards

Ethics, Accessibility and Bad Scottish Accents – Meeple Like Us on We’re Not Wizards

Oops, I forgot to post about this at the time. Mea culpa!

We don’t do a lot of podcasts, or listen to a lot of podcasts – who has the time, really? But we do listen to We’re Not Wizards and we like Richard a lot. That’s why, after two years of us not being able to line everything up, we finally got our backsides in gear. The discussion between us went up on their site a couple of days ago, and you can find it here:

Richard is a great interviewer, and We’re Not Wizards is a great podcast. If you’re interested in a discussion about ethics, accessibility and a whole pile of other things you should check out the link. If not, you should check out the We’re Not Wizards podcast anyway because it’s great. They also have a blog where Richard and partner in crime Stephen share thoughts on a range of topics. It’s also well worth your time.