Meeple Like Us board game accessibility seminar video

Board Game Accessibility Seminar at UKGE2018

My thanks to OnTabletop for recording this seminar, since we weren’t organised enough to do it ourselves. I spent my Saturday editing this, and my Sunday making sure it was properly subtitled. Don’t expect to see Meeple Like Us pivoting to video any time soon as a result. It takes SO LONG to do these things and it’s not even as if I was doing anything complicated. Plus I hate how I look on video. And how I sound. And the things I say. And the things I do. This was not easy to watch.

Anyway, here is the board game accessibility seminar that we delivered at UKGE 2018, and remember that we are doing another seminar (a different one probably) at Tabletop Scotland!

The slides of our talk are also available, and you can find those below.

I think the seminar went reasonably well – it wasn’t standing room only but it was also well attended enough that I didn’t feel like we’d been put in the wrong room. The featured image at the top shows an early morning shot that also coincidentally happens to be taken from where the attendance reached (or at least, how that looked from where we were sat at the front). If you want your own copy of our information pack, then you can have it: Seminar Handouts.