Tabletop Media Code of Conduct

Hobbyist Media Code of Ethics v1.0

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Internal Sources

We have a list of frequently imagined questions for those curious about the process and incentives behind this. We also have a case study in applying HOB-COC to contentious issues of coverage.

For some of the theoretical consideration underpinning this code of conduct, I direct you to the following editorials:

External Sources

These articles served as exemplars of good practice as well as theoretical analysis that was instrumental in the development of these guidelines. For the opinion based pieces, I recommend reading any attached comment sections too.

  1. The Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code
  2. The Independent Press Standards Organisation Code of Practice
  3. Eurogamer’s ‘How We Work’ Policy
  4. Polygon’s Ethics Statement
  5. IGN Standards and Practices
  6. Gizmodo Media Group’s Editorial Code
  7. Destructoid’s Ethics and Transparency Policy
  8. Rock Paper Shotgun’s Affiliate Linking Policy
  9. Association of Food Journalist’s Code of Ethics
  10. The Guardian’s Editorial Code
  11. The Independent’s Code of Conduct
  12. Roger Ebert’s Little Rule Book
  13. Code of Ethics for Press, Radio and Television in Sweden
  14. Associated Press Code of Ethics
  15. Code of Ethics for the Norwegian Press
  16. US Press Association Journalist Code of Ethics
  17. Ethical Journalism Network’s Model for Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency
  18. Ethical Journalism Networks’ Five Principles of Journalism
  19. CAMERA Code of Ethics
  20. Chicago Tribune Editorial Ethics Policy
  21. New York Times – Are All Bloggers Journalists?
  22. What Happens When You Write Your Own Journalism Code of Ethics?
  23. Media Reform Coalition – Ethical Journalism
  24. John Walker – Games Journalists and the Perception of Corruption
  25. John Walker – An Utter Disgrace
  26. Video Game Journalism – A Response to the Controversy
  27. Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos
  28. Lost Humanity 18: Aftermath
  29. Glen Fleischman – This Post is about Ethics in Journalism
  30. PCIJ Blogger’s Code of Ethics
  31. Association of Bloggers Code of Ethics
  32. Mashable – Ethics Basics for Bloggers
  33. Bloggers Required – Ethical Blogging
  34. Mexico’s Journalist Code of Ethics
  35. Press Council of Botswana Media Code of Ethics
  36. Accountable Journalism – Codes of Ethics for Africa
  37. Accountable Journalism – Codes of Ethics for Asia
  38. Accountable Journalism – Codes of Ethics for Middle East
  39. Accountable Journalism – Codes of Ethics for South America
  40. Shilling in Online Reviews – An exploratory study on consumer attitude and behaviour with promotional reviews

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