Tabletop Media Code of Conduct

Hobbyist Media Code of Ethics v1.0

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Honesty, Accuracy, and Professionalism

  • Ensure, to the best of reasonable ability, the correctness of all factual claims.
  • Provide a method by which inaccuracies in an article can be reported, either through comments, emails or other equivalents.
  • Respond quickly to reasonable queries regarding factual accuracy.
  • Clearly indicate all substantive edits made to documents after publication, and when they were made.
  • Avoid clickbait titles that over-sell or sensationalize the content of a piece of coverage.
  • Ensure detailed note-keeping, either written or recorded, of all interviews.
  • Retain personal copies of all transient information that is important in coverage, such as web-pages, social media comments, and images.
  • Serve as an exemplar of the high standards expected of others.
  • Where ethical complexities may have influenced the coverage of a topic, explain these to the audience.

Fairness and Authenticity

  • Minimize that which can reasonably be considered harmful to the direct subjects of articles.
  • Eliminate that which can reasonably be considered harmful to those that are not the direct subject of articles.
  • Permit subjects of articles reasonable right to reply that is given proportional visibility on the relevant article(s).
  • Journalistic pieces should seek impartiality by ensuring all named parties in a piece are contacted for comment ahead of publication.
  • Respond quickly to reasonable queries from subjects of coverage regarding fairness.
  • Consider the long-term implications associated with the permanent publication of an article.

Accreditation of Contribution

  • Where review material has been provided, prominently indicate this either on the article or in some other obvious fashion.
  • Publicly disclose the policy under which review material will be solicited or accepted.
  • Cite the source of all external contributions, along with an appropriate dofollow link.
  • Accredit external contributions drawn from social media comments in line with their original expectation of visibility.
  • Redact or anonymise contributions that draw from external sources that unduly reveal personal information.
  • If a contribution is required to be anonymised, then clearly indicate an anonymisation process has taken place.
  • Clearly indicate the licence associated with external usage of your content.
  • Ensure all external content used is done so in line with its licence.

Transparency and Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

  • Avoid conflicts of interest that can be avoided.
  • Prominently label all content that has a promotional or marketing component and ensure this is the first thing viewers see.
  • Avoid content that would blur the line between that which is promotional and that which is opinion based.
  • If one has a direct relationship to a product, prominently disclose this in all coverage. If an outlet has multiple editorial voices available, ensure coverage is provided by someone not directly linked to the product.
  • Disclose when unavoidable outside factors could reasonably be considered to have impacted on coverage. These may include profound ideological beliefs; pre-existing connections to the subject of articles; financial interests; and more.
  • Refuse gifts, favours, subsidies and direct payments offered in exchange or as a reward for the provision of opinion-based coverage, with the exception of necessary review material.
  • Refuse gifts, favours, subsidies and direct payments from subjects of coverage in any circumstance where they exceed some predefined de minimis threshold. This threshold should be public information.
  • Do not provide favourable treatment for those that support or fund the work undertaken. Resist internal and external pressures to do so.
  • Avoid directly covering the products or services of former employers within a pre-stated time period of association.
  • Avoid directly covering the products or services of likely future employers.
  • Prominently disclose all affiliate links and other financial inducements.

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