Meeple LIke Us Two Year Anniversary

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A New Game Journalism Reader

My post on the New Boardgame Journalism seemed to cause a bit of a stir, both for and against.  That’s great.  I think this is a conversation that boardgame media needs to have if it’s not going to end up rendered entirely obsolete by the gradual encroachment of professional media…

Sinister Bottom

The Sinister Bottom Quiz

Welcome to your Sinister Bottom!

I have stolen this idea outright from the excellent Bitsocket podcast, and I would recommend you check them out because they are Super Good.

The idea here is that we take well known board-games (defined here as being in the Top 1000 of Boardgamegeek) and run them…

A guest post

We did a guest post!

Hello everyone. My, don’t you all look nice? Have you lost weight? Your eyes are particularly radiant today. They really match your shoes. Anyway, we did a guest post for Brandon the Game Dev’s blog today. You might like to go check it out. Or not. I mean, you can…