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Blades in the Dark

Blades in the Dark (2016)

You know all those caveats and warnings I put on my review of Thousand Year Old Vampire?  Imagine they’re replicated here.  The TLDR summary is ‘I don’t really know enough about playing RPGs to be a truly credible commentator and even if I did they’re not really within the scope…

Welcome to Burano review

Walking in Burano (2018)

I love the art of Maisherly Chan so much that I will buy a game on its presence alone.   Shadows in Kyoto was one such game, although its link to the dense extended universe of the Hanamikoji franchise certainly didn’t hurt.  And so we find ourselves here, with Walking In…

Fallout Shelter review

Fallout Shelter (2020)

For a lot of people, the Fallout franchise is defined by high adventure.  It’s about striding out into a broken world and finding ways to change it for the better – or for the worse.   For me though, the real magic of Fallout has always been in the Vaults.   For…