Walking in Burano accessibility teardown

Author: Michael Heron

My name is Michael James Heron, and I'm a lecturer at Robert Gordon University. This page serves as a container for all the various things with which I'm involved. My research interests are accessibility, games, and especially accessibility in games. As an academic with a strong interest in the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was also part of the team who developed RGU's twitter analysis tool. It may have been a 'no' in the end, but the fight goes on. I have taught for a decade in both further and higher education, and some of my teaching materials can be found at my wiki. I am also the owner, admin and lead developer of Epitaph: a text-based MMO set in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse. I am also the editor for Meeple Like Us, a board game blog with a strong focus on the accessibility of tabletop games. If you have any questions on that topic, feel free to ask them at my ask.fm page.. I occasionally blog too over on Gamasutra.
Welcome to Burano review

Walking in Burano (2018)

I love the art of Maisherly Chan so much that I will buy a game on its presence alone.   Shadows in Kyoto was one such game, although its link to the dense extended universe of the Hanamikoji franchise certainly didn’t hurt.  And so we find ourselves here, with Walking In…

Fallout Shelter review

Fallout Shelter (2020)

For a lot of people, the Fallout franchise is defined by high adventure.  It’s about striding out into a broken world and finding ways to change it for the better – or for the worse.   For me though, the real magic of Fallout has always been in the Vaults.   For…

Lost Ruins of Arnak review

Lost Ruins of Arnak (2020)

Merry Christmas everyone!   I bet you weren’t expecting the surprise gift of a Meeple Like Us review, but that’s only because you haven’t kept an eye on the Advent celebrational calendar.   Friday is always Review Day, except when we’re on hiatus.  And the times in the past when it wasn’t. …

Nusfjord review

Nusfjord (2017)

Uwe Rosenerg’s legacy as a game designer is remarkable.  His curriculum vitae of releases shows outstanding versatility as well as a surety of touch that has a consistency that borders on supernatural.   There are very few designers that show a range that can encompass Patchwork, Agricola and Bohnanza.    He has…